Swipnews - Stay informed about Ecology
A concept app I imagined to stay informed about Ecology by swiping articles. You can filter news with a simple swipe too!

See Credits below this image.
Credits: All icons come from Noun Project.
Americas and Asia by Emmanuel Roy - World by Iconstock, TH - Ecology set by Ralf Schmitzer - European Union by Kelsey Chisamore -  Here by Leszek Pietrzak - Past by Knut M. Synstad - Swipe by Gregor Cresnar (fake logo icon) - Live Photo by Jamison Wieser - Video by Ilaria Bernareggi - Maps by Iconic - Slideshow by Pawel Rak - Profile by Michele Ficeli - Stars by Rose Alice Design - Search by Kavya - Home by Andi Nur Abdillah.
Fonts : Mada for the logo and Open Sans.

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